Frequently Asked Questions


What will we see?

Depending on the season we will be able to see 83 of the 88 constellations in the sky.

We will take a tour of the sky using a laser pointer starting from the constellation of Orion, the Big Dipper and the Little Bear, among others, following the constellations of the zodiac that can be seen above the horizon.

We will identify the most significant stars such as the North Star and Sirius for example. We will see its clusters and nebulae through the telescope.

Depending on the season of the year, we will be able to observe Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its Moons, and Venus and Mars through the telescope.

At sunset On Teide, one of the 3 wonders of the world is shown before us, the immensity of the Universe.

Improved experience

The activity is carried out for small groups of people, allowing all attendees to observe the different objects. Without rushing or queuing to observe through the telescope, you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Have you run out of space?

Places are limited to guarantee a better experience. If you do not have a place for the desired date, you can register at the footer of the page to receive notifications of dates released due to customer cancellations.

How is it paid?

Payment is 100% secure and is made by credit card.

How will be the weather like?

Remember that when ascending to 2000 meters above sea level, temperatures will drop to 0-5 degrees.

Do I wear long pants?

It is not allowed to come in shorts or shorts, long pants are essential to enjoy the outdoor experience.

Do I wear warm clothes?

It is advisable to bring a coat or jacket to carry out the activity outdoors without having to be cold.

What shoes do I wear?

It is not allowed to come with sandals or shoes. It is recommended to come with sneakers or boots

Can I change the date?

You can change the date of your Tour as long as there is at least 72 Hours notice of the activity date.

Can I cancel?

Cancellation is free as long as it is done 48 hours before the scheduled day of your Tour

Can I bring my pet?

It is not allowed to bring pets to the Tours because we cannot keep them in optimal conditions, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Meeting Point

THE meeting point for the tours will be the national parador at the time specified in each tour.

  • Nebulae

  • Andromeda

  • Saturn and the planets

  • To the moon

  • The Milky Way

  • Cumulus clouds

  • To the moon

  • The planets

  • Artificial satellites

  • Shooting Stars

  • Moon Map

  • The Andromeda Galaxy

  • The Milky Way

  • Sun

"The day is beautiful, the night sublime"

Immanuel Kant